MFX Warehouse

Millennium FX / MFX Warehouse

Our sister company, MFX Warehouse, provides a range of Ready-Made Generic Prosthetics: screen-quality silicone appliances designed by Industry Leaders, Neill Gorton and Rob Mayor, and crafted by their team of exceptional technicians.

DVDs & On-Demand Streaming: Comprehensive DVDs, with step-by-step instructional guides, including demonstrations and detailed commentaries, by multi-award-winning prosthetics designer Neill Gorton. These are practical ‘no frills’ products packed with information and are widely used by companies, individual artists, colleges, and enthusiasts.

Millennium Masks: Professional quality, realistic wearable silicone masks.

FX Props, Puppets & Merch: Professional quality, sculpture stands, FX moulds, FX props, hand puppets and merchandise, perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike.